A Short Guide To Mobile Entertainment Insurance

Working as a mobile entertainer has many benefits.  From being your own boss to working in a variety of fun locations, there’s a lot to love about this field of work.  However, there is also some risk to consider.  If something unexpectedly goes wrong and someone gets injured or your equipment gets damaged or stolen, you could end up having to pay significant costs out of pocket.  Luckily, mobile entertainment insurance can help protect you from most of these potential financial damages.

What Is Mobile Entertainment Insurance?

Mobile entertainment insurance is a category of insurance coverage that is designed to protect mobile entertainers from a variety of risks they may face while working.  This insurance coverage can pay for things like equipment repair/replacement, legal costs, and even medical bills, depending on the coverage you decide to get.

What Types Of Coverage Can You Get With Mobile Entertainment Insurance?

There are many types of coverage you can obtain with mobile entertainment insurance.  Some of these coverage types are:

  • Liability coverage
  • Equipment coverage
  • Commercial vehicle coverage
  • Workers’ compensation

Working as a mobile entertainer can be a very rewarding job, however, it is important to consider the risks associated with this profession.  Having the right insurance can go a long way towards keeping your business running smoothly.