An Ounce of Prevention: Legal Shield Insurance for Home Businesses

Legal Shield Insurance

While liability coverage is essential for a home-based business, it is highly desirable to head off legal difficulties beforehand. Adding legal shield insurance coverage can be a modestly-priced way for a home business owner to lower risk and free valuable time.

What Legal Shield Insurance Can Do

Depending on the provider, a legal shield plan can offer a home business owner services that include:

  • Consultations and research
  • Phone calls on behalf of your business
  • Collection letters
  • Representation for audits

What To Look For in Legal Shield Coverage

As with any insurance product, monthly premium costs and deductibles for services loom large. An insurance agency offering a legal shield plan should be willing to explain in detail out-of-pocket costs for each of the plan’s legal services. The cost and number of covered consultations are high on any checklist.

Close on the heels of cost is the breadth and depth of the plan’s local network of attorneys – underline local. State and municipal regulations are often arcane; a local attorney is far more likely to have the needed expertise.

A legal shield insurance plan can be a cost-effective way for home business owners to avoid legal difficulties and save hours of aggravation. Walking through a legal shield plan with a local insurance agent could be a profitable time investment for a home-based entrepreneur.