Be Proactive Against Cyber Attacks

cyber liability / Friday, October 15th, 2021

As a business owner, you are already aware that cyber attacks have become more prevalent than ever before. Attackers are more tech savvy, and the intrusions are harder to spot until they do significant damage to your computers and your sensitive information. While you can’t eliminate the risks, there are sometimes telltale clues that signal hackers are lurking.

Tips for Identifying Computer Hackers

Identifying cyber attacks isn’t an exact science, but many hackers give clues that they are spying.

  • Unusual computer activity, especially in the off-hours, is one issue your IT group should investigate. Several unsucessful login attempts from the outside should also be a red flag. Regarding internal concerns, any employee trying to access sensitive or restricted information should be interviewed about their intentions.
  • Suspicious email activity should be of concern to your IT department. If a hacker has infiltrated your system, they likely will send out phishing emails coming from employees within the company.
  • Reduced internet speed can also indicate that hackers are using network resources, which bogs down the system.

Reminders for Employees To Reduce Cyber Attacks

Remind your employees to be wary of suspicious emails. They should never open attachments from unfamiliar email addresses, and they should alert the IT group if they receive suspicious messages. Employees should also change their passwords frequently.

Cyber attacks can’t be totally avoided, but you can reduce your risks by being aware of hackers’ telltale clues.