Digital Communication Inspiration

Communication entails almost all senses of the human body. Digitizing this creates a new paradigm for us to not only observe but to interface with. Knowing how to interact with the different types of digital communication would allow a broader form of ability to connect.

There have been many approaches to interacting with a large scale crowd to garner more business. The method of interacting on a personal level has remained constant. Technology such as Twitter allows people to connect personally while also allowing onlookers to join a seemingly¬†simplistic monologue of 140 characters (actually now it’s 280).

Incorporating tools that allow direct, instant communication enables anyone to have access to a larger narrative. Staying up to date on new “User Interfaces” would also reveal a better way to connect and relate to your prospective audience.

Resources of valuable technology to better aid communication can be found by looking to aggregators of such interests. For example, the TED Talks platform has a vast amount of information on how to better communicate on social media. This website is intended to be your inspiration for improving our digital communication world.