Essential Travel Insurance for Your Employees

Business Insurance / Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Employees who travel for your company are exposed to many travel risks. Medical emergencies, flight cancellations and other unplanned catastrophes can happen during a business trip. Travel insurance reduces the risks and the financial burden associated with these calamities.

What Travel Insurance Options Are Necessary?

Talk with your insurance agent to ensure you choose the best plan for your business travelers. Options include:

  1. Accident Coverage – Every business owner should consider business travel accident coverage for their employees who visit the company’s clients. This plan provides emergency health services protection to help pay for unforeseen medical bills. Accident insurance is especially critical to those traveling abroad, but the plan covers health emergencies and hospital stays within the United States as well.
  2. Trip Cancellation Insurance – This plan reimburses expenses such as airfare and hotel reservations if the trip is cancelled at the last minute. Cancellation insurance can be chosen to cover trip interruptions and baggage loss as well.
  3. Multi-Trip Coverage – For the traveler who takes several business trips each year, this plan is a smart choice. The multi-trip plan prevents you from buying a new plan every time you travel and can most likely be purchased at a discounted rate.

Business travel insurance reduces the liability risks and costs your employees face while traveling for your company.