Finding the Cheapest Car To Insure

Auto Insurance

Purchasing auto insurance can feel like gambling at times. Paying a high premium without ever getting into an accident feels like throwing money out the window, but all it takes is one uninsured accident to incur thousands of dollars in car repairs.

The goal when shopping for insurance is to strike a balance: pay as little as possible for insurance without cutting anything essential out. One crucial way to make sure you save money is to research which cars are cheap to insure ahead of time and create a checklist of features that will guarantee a low premium.

Factors To Look For

Coming to the dealership with a prepared checklist for choosing car insurance lets you factor future insurance costs into your decision when buying a car. Doing so allows you to ask important questions about aspects of your potential car, including:

  • Safety record
  • Accident history
  • Likelihood of theft
  • Average miles per year

Many insurance companies take these factors into consideration when insuring a car for the first time. Saving money this way requires a lot of upfront legwork, but researching which cars are more likely to be stolen, have the best safety features and are cheapest to repair allows you to select the car that will be easiest on your wallet in the long term.