Keeping Your Business Open With Strong Insurance

Insurance Marketing / Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Owning a bar or tavern can be a rewarding venture. You provide a space for people to unwind and to socialize. However, there are different situations that can happen at any given time that can impact your wallet. Thankfully, with bar and tavern insurance you can create a barrier of protection around your assets, your employees and your customers.


Liquor Liability


One of the most important policies you should acquire is liquor liability. This coverage handles the expenses and settlements that you are held accountable for due to an inebriated customer. For example, if a customer leaves your location and damages other property that location may sue you for assisting in that event. With liquor liability, your wallet may likely not be affected.


General Liability


General liability is another vital coverage for business owners. This policy covers a wide array of incidents that happen on your property such as slips, injuries and any third-party damage. A general liability policy allows you to pay the medical expenses and legal settlements that stem from that incident.


Property Coverage


Any business should acquire property coverage. You simply never know when a fire or storm may hit your location. Property insurance may also cover theft and vandalism.


Bar and tavern insurance is accessible with the help of a strong insurance agency. Take the plunge and start investing in you future now.