Mitigate Risk at Your Water Treatment Plant

Working at a water treatment facility means employees are exposed to the same risks that are seen in the manufacturing sector, but there are concerns specific to water treatment plants that can be mitigated through proper training, the establishment of standard operating procedures and adequate insurance coverage. Here are the two main hazards to prepare for.

Slips and Falls

In this industry, a slip can easily turn lethal. In 2014 an operator slipped into a process tank from a walkway and drowned. In 2016 the same thing happened at a plant in Sheepshead Bay, New York.

A slip is more likely where water is a constant hazard. Make sure your employees are aware of conveniently located squeegees to mop up puddles. Mark areas that are prone to puddles. Your preventative maintenance schedule should emphasize leak repair as a priority.

Toxic Gases

The other heightened hazard in wastewater treatment is exposure to toxic gases. Ensure employees are using their monitoring gear to check for hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and methane. Not only can high levels cause illness or death, in enclosed spaces, they become a risk for explosion. Retrain on PPE and monitoring equipment at the time of hire and at least once a year thereafter.

Don’t let complacency put your employees at risk.