Most Common Marijuana Plants

Marijuana / Sunday, August 18th, 2019

As cannabis usage increases so do the information readily available about the different types, strains recommended dosages and suggested the frequency of use. Information and preferences about marijuana flowers, in particular, seem to garner a lot of strong opinions. People have very clear opinions about which plants they prefer over others.

King Moses

The King Moses CBD plant is a popular choice. It is known for being dank, earthy and pine-scented. It’s also coated in a fine layer of crystals and is covered with orange knots. This strain is a good choice for those looking for something with anti-inflammatory effects. You can find many strains used to help treat inflammation. Source:

Skunk 1

This is arguably one of the most famous marijuana plants in the world. It’s highly aromatic, readily available and resistant to pests.

Phantom OG

This sativa strain grows easily so you can find it pretty reliably. It has a delicate aroma and is said to taste like dried fruits and nuts.

Melon Gum

This plant was aptly named. Its claim to fame is that it tastes like both melon and gum when smoked, which is why it is among the most popular plants.

Golden Coat

This sativa strain is a great choice if you’re hosting a Friday night soiree with friends. People claim to feel amazing, humorous and energized after consuming it.