Protect Against Cyber Attacks in the Workplace

Cyber attacks have become increasingly common in the workplace. The costs involved in fixing the problem can be much more detrimental to the organization than just the money spent to remedy the situation.

Costs Involved in Cyber Attacks

The cost of a cyber attack, if it reaches your customers, clients or employees, can significantly impact your bottom line. Let’s look at a few concerns:

  • Time – The time spent calling clients and tracking down the breaches is very costly to your company
  • Reputation – When a cyber attack impacts your customers, they may think twice about doing business with you again. The attack can also deter potential clients to work with you.
  • Liability – If a client’s sensitive information is leaked, they may seek legal counsel. Employees may also sue the company if their personal information is compromised.

Policies That Reduce the Risk of Attacks

While you can’t eliminate the risk of cyber attacks, implementing some sound policies will help reduce the risks. Conduct awareness training with all employees regularly. Remind them to change their passwords frequently and set up your internal system to require password changes often. Make sure employees never open email attachments from unfamiliar sources as well.

Protect your company from cyber attacks with some sound business decisions.