Protecting Company’s One Driver at a Time

Commercial Auto Insurance, Insurance Marketing / Friday, June 28th, 2019

Car insurance is a necessary protection for personal vehicles and the same is true for company cars. New Jersey commercial auto insurance can help protect your business, your vehicles and your drivers in the event of an accident or other damages.

The Importance of a Good Policy

No matter if an employee is driving their personal vehicle or a company one, you are responsible for their welfare if they are on company business. Without the right insurance coverage, you may have to pay for any damage or injuries out of the company’s wallet. To avoid this, you need an insurance program that covers both your drivers and your vehicles for maximum protection. As such, a commercial auto insurance policy can include the following coverage options:

Collisions and the resulting damages

Medical payments

Lost income

Uninsured and underinsured drivers

Theft or vandalism

Damage from natural disasters

To create good policy, an insurance agent will conduct an analysis of how your company uses drivers and vehicles to assess the potential risks you face. Then, a policy is designed to provide the best coverage possible.

Insurance That Has You Covered

Keeping your employees safe is part of owning a business. The right New Jersey commercial auto insurance can help protect your employees and your company, so you can have peace of mind.