Protecting Your Property With Law Ordinance Coverage

Dealing with the aftermath of a severe weather event, natural disaster, or similar event that damages or destroys property can be extremely difficult. Aside from the devastating personal impact of such a loss, the complexity of dealing with insurance, recovering important items or data, and managing rebuilding is a major hassle. While many insurance policies offer significant coverage in the event of a major disaster, they may turn out to be insufficient. For this reason, law & ordinance coverage may be essential to fully protect your property.

Why Do You Need Law & Ordinance Coverage?

Law & ordinance coverage (or building ordinance coverage) differs from traditional property insurance in that it helps to cover costs that may result from code enforcement relevant to reconstruction. While many property insurance policies will cover rebuilding and repair, they may have gaps if new construction intersects with public ordinances or other laws affecting the structure.

Examples may involve demolition, as well as altered reconstruction plans (perhaps to better prepare for future disasters or incidents).

In short, while law & ordinance coverage may not be required in a given municipality, it can be a helpful way to ensure you are prepared for the costs of rebuilding after a disaster. Ultimately, an experienced insurer can work with you to establish a comprehensive and protective policy.