Risk Management for Last-Mile Delivery Companies

If you run a last-mile delivery service you know that there are risks inherent in the job. It’s the most time-intensive part of package delivery and the most expensive step. There are several ways to mitigate risk for your business including specialized last-mile delivery insurance. Here are two risks you need to manage for and how insurance can protect you.

Mitigate Risk of Vehicle Accidents

Whether it’s a car accident, your driver hits a pedestrian or the vehicle causes property damage, any time you’re using a vehicle in a business setting you’re at risk. Your drivers are spending longer hours behind the wheel than anyone driving their car for personal use, increasing the risk of accidents.

It doesn’t even have to be a collision. Property owners have made claims because of fluid leaks in their driveways. Cover yourself for everything from minor complaints to life-threatening injuries with the proper insurance.

Mitigate Risk of Cargo Damage

Last-mile delivery insurance is more than a business auto policy. These policies also cover your cargo. Packages can be damaged as your drivers shift boxes looking for what they need. As the truck empties, the remaining cargo has more room to shift. Insurance protects you from damage claims.

Your costs and time investment are the highest of any cargo transport job. Reduce your risk of loss with insurance that fits your needs.