The Advantages of Having Bar Insurance

Bar Insurance

Owning a bar can be extremely rewarding and lucrative.  Unfortunately, there are many potential risks that come along with running a bar. When you are an establishment that serves alcohol, the usual risks associated with providing people with food and drinks increase drastically. In order to properly protect your bar, it is vital that you look into obtaining a reliable bar insurance program.

General Liability Insurance

Any good bar insurance program should include general liability coverage. This type of insurance provides protection against customer bodily injury and property damage.

Liquor Liability Insurance

This insurance is specifically for businesses that serve alcohol to customers. It provides coverage for property damage and physical injuries that occur specifically as a result of intoxication while at your business. Standard insurance policies generally do not cover issues related to intoxication.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance helps protect you in case one of your customers becomes ill due to food or alcohol that you served them. Situations like these can easily result in you being liable for any medical bills so it is important that you have coverage just in case.

Valet Liability Insurance

If your bar offers a valet service, this type of insurance is worth purchasing. It ensures customer vehicles while they are in your care.

Running a bar can be an extremely lucrative business. However, it is vital that you have the right insurance coverage due to the added risk caused by serving alcohol to customers.