The Impact of COVID Women in the Workplace

If you are a woman who experienced recent life changes related to COVID, you are definitely not alone. Around the world, men and women alike have faced numerous challenges as the global community has learned to adapt to a new reality over the past two years.

However, COVID & women in the workplace is an especially interesting topic. This is because there are some clear changes and patterns that you can observe if you look at the various activities that women do throughout their daily work lives.

Priority Shifts

In general, women have faced many priority shifts with COVID. For example, there is a greater interest in flexibility. While some have been placing more emphasis on the need for employer appreciation, others have been struggling with balancing child care. Some have been juggling both.

Career Changes

As one major result of these priority shifts, an increasing number of women have been making complete career changes to adapt to different needs. For example, many women have found success with more flexible career options like medicine, legal work, accounting, writing and sales.
These changes indicate a growing need for workplaces to show more appreciation for working mothers and the need for flexibility. Are you a woman whose life has changed in these ways?