The Importance of Incident Reporting for Managers

Incident reports are an extremely valuable tool for operations managers across virtually all sectors. They are a vital part of effective quality control management. This important documentation has a variety of applications.

Evidentiary Utility for Companies

A record of incidents that involved injury or property damage could be useful in the event that they result in any type of legal claim. Insurers may also need to review incident reporting information in their claims review process.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Employees

Having an incident report may be advantageous if someone who sustained an injury on the job needs workers’ compensation.  A formal record of what happened will be strong support for a claim.

Compliance Requirements

Companies must create incident reports in certain instances as a matter of state or federal law. OSHA requires employers in industrial sectors to relay reports within a set frame of time after a serious accident that necessitated a worker’s hospitalization.

Improving Procedures

Written reports about accidents are helpful to companies because they enable them to track when people fail to follow policies or when policies are inadequate to prevent accidents. Reports can offer key insight to improve safety and efficiency.

Ultimately, companies should periodically review their policies about reporting incidents. They must also monitor whether employees are following reporting policies consistently.